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About Khun Jack Cotton Shop

Shop “Khun Jack” Wholesale and Retail cotton, natural dyes. It also has a fabric Hemp Rayon., And garments which are handmade. We export to over 10 countries such as Japan, Australia, America, France, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

From experience over the years has made us very successful in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), OBM (. Original Design Manufacturing)

Now we have a brand name “Lazy Space” public in 2016

History of Khun Jack Cotton

Khun jack ,Darunee Waedang, started the business in 2001 from the point that she likes wearing hand woven cotton. However, it was quite difficult to find unique cotton clothes with modern design. Therefore, Khun Jack designed her own clothes which were admired by her friends and so the business began. Her first group of customers was in Chaing Mai before it expanded to the provinces nearby, Bangkok and overseas.

Nowadays, the products are very popular among Thais and foreigners due to their design and quality which are very unique